Thursday, 24 April 2008

A vignette of modern life. 2008-02-24

Sunday 24th February 2008 6.04 p.m.

Re: "I was told by a friend recently that he is already buying petrol for his car using his credit card - and of course many modern gasoline pumps have the equipment to enable customers to do this! Grimly ironic isn't it, that it is getting difficult to afford to drive to work! The 1990s Britpop band Blur made an album, called 'Modern Life is Rubbish' - oh, how true is that?"

A vignette of modern life: Take the nearest job you can find but it's actually miles from home, buy a car so you can drive to work, earn crap money at work, watch fuel prices skyrocket, pay increasing taxes on your car because it emits CO2 you know and you are a sinful polluter, get up early to avoid the rush hour, see your unemployed neighbour and his girlfriend and six kids setting off on holiday, go to the petrol station, spend your last penny of disposable income on gasoline so that you can get to work, spend an hour in a traffic jam and, finally arrive at work and pick up your redundancy letter. Go back to the start...

Maybe a wage rise would be in order, but is unlikle to materialise. We are due for a fall of living standards owing to a price spiral in costs and liabilities but not in wages and assets. See my Wednesday 31st October 2007 8pm entry!

I am in the process of considering how to separate my blog page into articles that are individually linked, so all of my one readers can access them more easily! ;-) If this happens, I shall also include links to key articles that I have read on the Internet over the years, as well as useful books.

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