Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hyperinflationary depression? 2008-04-26

Saturday 26th April 2008 4:48 pm: Hyperinflationary depression?

Howard Ruff in his Kitco article linked to a fascinating article by Walter John Williams of that predicts a hyperinflationary depression. Grab it while you can; it's a .pdf file so you will need Acrobat Reader to read it; left-click the above link to read it or right-click and select "Save Target As" and save it. I'm not sure that it was really meant to be available to non-subscribers, but there is an acknowledgement that people can read it if they get to that page. Here is the Howard Ruff Kitco article, called hyperinflationary depression and here is the link to the report download page - the link to this page has now disappeared from the Kitco Ruff article itself.

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