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End of the Judeo-Christian age? 2008-02-16 #2

Saturday 16th February 2008 12:19 p.m. #2

Nick Barisheff on Jim Puplava's truly excellent and educational Financial Sense Newshour says that the US Gov't and Fed are getting rid of their economic indicator website on March 1st, in the same way that they got rid of the reported M3 money supply, most likely to prevent the public from getting any information on how abysmally the US economy is doing and to prevent them from having any warning of the upcoming hyperinflation of prices of essential goods (such as food and energy), that has in fact already begun. Puplava's 3rd hour guest today, Scot M. Faulkner, author of Naked Emperors: The Failure of the Republican Revolution states that while 20% of the politicans on Capitol Hill are honest, the other 80% are living in a world of utter corruption - i.e. in essence the entire US political system is corrupt! Of course, I know, I know, all political systems are corrupt these days, inevitable under a fiat money standard of unbacked unlimited central bank paper money. There will therefore be no solution to the problems of the USA. Ron Paul the, only candidate with any courage to address the truth in any way is ignored and stands no chance whatsoever. He is the last chance, not only for America but for the rest of us in the G7.

The disaster facing the US, the UK and Europe is going to be an Epochal event. This is not just a transfer of power between 'friends' such as the decline of the British Empire and the start of the US Empire, but is something far more earth shattering than anything ever in human history, far greater too than the end of the Greek and Roman Empires. Note that the aforementioned were all European centred. Even America is an extension of Europe, since the European and US bankers brought the USA under control of their cartel by forming the US Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 (see the fascinating 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' to read about this) and essentially ended the American free republic, bringing all the working people of the USA, like Europeans before them, politically, economically and financially under the control of banking interests, 'kings' and dynasties.

These events are at least as significant as the fall of Rome leading into the Dark Ages. In truth, it's more important because at present the G7 nations control virtually the entire world. If that power moves to Asia, it will be the end of the Western world as we know it and the end of the Judeo-Christian power structure of the past 2000 years. This present financial crisis with the pandemic of US centred monetary fraud under the dollar standard is the sure sign of the End of the Age and the complete reversal of fortunes of the entire Judeo-Christian world. Year 2000 with the Dot-Com crash is the banner date of its epochal peak and start of its palpable decline, cemented by 9/11 in 2001 which was a tremendously symbolic event, however caused. however, the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the three moves ending of the Gold Standard in 1914, 1933 and 1971 are perhaps truer dates, because they signalled the fact of the state of monetary and moral default in the Western world, which equals bankruptcy. A good date for the all time peak in the 'West' would be Neil Armstong stepping onto the Moon on July 20/21 1969. All downhill since then? Do you imagine that Americans will walk on the moon again? Dream on! And Mars is way out. Given present momentum, the next face on the Moon could well be Chinese, if we don't have a World War first that takes us back to the Stone Age.

Be warned, there was not so much attention paid in our complicit media when China put its first man into space, Yang Liwei, on 15/16 October 2003 or when the Iranians sent their first space rocket into earth orbit on 5 February 2008 (for the latter read Intercontinental Ballistic Missile with nuke on board, bound for Washington D.C. or anywhere they choose)! This achievement was glossed over on British news as if it didn't matter but these are potentially shattering blows to centuries of UK, EU and US hegemony. Add in the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto and so we have the echo of Archduke Ferdinand preceding World War I. However, Pakistan is also already a 'nuclear' power. Interesting commentary here.

Be warned again, if you live in the US, UK or EU - life might not be the same for your children as it was for you, your parents or grandparents, even going back 50 generations. Your descendants may have to fight for scraps of food to put in their mouths 50 years from now. Our only hope is while we live in 'free' nations and have a 'free' Internet, that we rebel against the corruption in our own system before our race loses its freedom and lives in poverty for a thousand years.

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