Monday, 12 September 2011

Is this a perfect rising wedge pattern? 2011-09-12

I was looking at the new highs of silver miner Fresnillo thinking, "Great! I own some of this stock and it's going up repeatedly to new highs!" A little later, I read an article on bearish rising wedges and then I thought, "Uh oh!!"

Here is the chart:

Oh well, the chart won't come up on my stupid computer. Look at it here!:

and tell me that it isn't an amazing example of a bearish rising wedge. Now some analysts say that this pattern is usually found in bear markets though here we have new highs with Fresnillo in a bull market instead.
The target might be about 1600 for Fresnillo since the downmove usually wipes out the entire upmove made while the wedge was forming. Note the lowering volume at each of the new highs, typical of the bearish rising wedge formation.

It will be fascinating to see if this wedge pattern works out or if Fresnillo takes off instead.

1. Wedge formed:

2. Breakdown? :

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