Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Alert: Martial Law in the UK 2009-10-07

Alert: Martial Law in the UK 2009-10-07
Wednesday 7th October 2009 at 10:50 am:

So the cat is finally out of the bag. We were due for martial law in the UK as the banking system collapsed in late 2008. See this Bloomberg story.

It reads almost identically to rumours from the meeting in US government circles in 2008, when some so-called 'alarmists' were stating that martial law had been discussed.

It's an interesting report, to say the least. I love it how the interviewees spin this situation as, "Oh yes there would have been pandemonium if the banks failed and if trust in the payment system broke down. People would have had to fend for themselves."

That's what people are supposed to do . Of course, statists (socialists and fascists) believe in total government, as did the nazi and communist regimes of the 20th Century. People acting independently of government is the worst thing they can imagine - they would be out of a job.

So we finally have it in print that the British state might have used the army against the people under the guise of public order and distributing food perhaps. Ha! Where is the army anyway? Aren't they all out of the country, fighting the British state's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Gold has spiked up to $1045 yesterday on rumours (which like the martial law rumours may turn out to be facts) that American's creditor nations are considering using currencies other than the US dollar for oil trading). Rumour or not, mud will probably stick eventually. I think we are in trouble in the US and UK. :-(

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