Monday, 14 September 2009

Gold conspiracy, quantitative easing, OTC derivatives 2009-09-14

Gold conspiracy, quantitative easing, OTC derivatives 2009-09-14
Monday 14th September 2009 at 20:17 BST:

Some interesting links, money and gold conspiracies, OTC derivatives nightmares, dehedging in a hurry and China.

Blog here, interesting:

Article on Barrick, not too sanguine about them:

Jim Sinclair says OTC derivatives nuke is about to explode:
"Can you blame China for simply saying no to Western crack cocaine finance?"

Hugo Salinas Price on bringing gold and silver back to the mint:

and a fascinating intervew by Eric King on his website of Bill Laggner regarding money printing, quantitative easing, government fraud and another cming financial storm. He sees the 2008 credit collapse turning into a currency collapse. He just said that he has gone from net short 225% to net short 60%. PHEW! That's not a recommendation by the way! He sees 15-25% decline in housing in prime mortgages, collateral values declining, Fed is impotent.

All worth a read. Or a listen, as in the last link.


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