Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Beijing 2008. Think Sputnik 1 1957. 2008-07-30

Wednesday 30th July 2008 10:40 pm : China boycott continues up to Olympics Start Day.

Emanuel Balarie says here on Kitco:
China, Jim Rogers, And Commodities
"In Shanghai for instance, you can jump on the world’s first Maglev train that will take you from the airport to downtown Pudong/Shanghai in record time. Since the train travels at about 430 km/hour, the typical 45 min trip (via car) will only take you about 8 minutes."

Coincidentally, this Monday, two days ago, I was in my local "Works" bookstore and saw a £5 book about China that had a picture of the Shanghai MagLev train in it. Eric Laithwaite was a figure who appeared on British television when I was a child.

As Wikipedia says, "In the 1960s, Great Britain held the lead in maglev research;[1] Eric Laithwaite, Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering at Imperial College, developed a functional maglev passenger vehicle. It weighed 1 ton (1 tonne) and could carry four passengers."

"Eric Roberts Laithwaite (14 June 192127 November 1997) was an English engineer, principally known for his development of the linear induction motor and Maglev rail system."

Read about them here:
Maglev (transport) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eric Laithwaite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Incredible Genius Of Eric Laithwaite

However, we British were never treated to a public MagLev train, not ever, and are unlikely to get one soon, if ever.

This explains the difference between the culturally, economically, morally and in every other way dying Britain and the up and coming China.

My take on it is this:

The British, American and other Western media have virtually boycotted the Chinese 2008 Beijing Olympics for the last year, with flimsy excuses containing all the usual criticisms of China from previous decades dredged up for this occasion. Eight days to go and we finally get a mention on the BBC news of their webpage for the Olympics here. BBC SPORT Olympics.

The result will be like this (if we are allowed to see any of China during it):

The Beijing Olympics, will be the equivalent of the launch of Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union on 4th October 1957, nearly 51 years ago. It will hit home, hard, especially because we ourselves have entered the start of a deep recession, housing crisis, banking crisis, asset deflation crisis and fuel price and general (hyper)inflation crisis at home.

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