Saturday, 21 November 2009

Jim Sinclair's Swiss Stairs in Gold: 2009-11-21

Jim Sinclair's Swiss Stairs in Gold!
Saturday 21st November at 11:50 am

In his great interview on King World News: ,

Jim Sinclair talks about the Indian Central Bank's purchase of 200 tonnes of gold from the IMF. He mentions that he could see some market action indicating central bank buying in the gold chart in the 'Swiss Stairs' formation in recent weeks. I recall that he showed an example of a 'Swiss Stairs' formation onb a chart a few years ago on his webaite and now we see a real one in gold!

I went and looked at the chart on Here is the link, look between September and November 2009 at the price action from August to November 2009 at prices fromabout $920 to $1150.$gold

Here is my cutout from the chart (click the chart for a better resolution):

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