Friday, 30 January 2009

Obama with more power than Bush 2008-01-30

Obama with more power than Bush 2008-01-30 1:26 p.m.


Who said that? I like it. It's a good quip.

I was a bit amazed by how Obama was saying in his speech about all these things that the Americans need to build, you know, railroads, roads, bridges and all the like. Maybe oil refineries would be a good idea too!

Anyway, one might wonder where is the money for all this stuff and of course it will all be printed money. Why weren't all these things built during the boom when there was actually some money? It's not the time to build them now - America is broke (and so is the UK of course!)

However, I suppose you can never underestimate how the ruthless ruling class can pull some "magic" rabbit out of the hat.

I pondered to my Dad last night and wondered if the bear market in everything might have been finished (the deleveraging, the "deflation") and we might be infor the inflation soon. I said to him that last year everyone was expecting the crisis to be postponed until after the election so that the Republicans might win. The opposite happened. The whole thing went completely tits up just before the election and the republicans got shafted.

Now the newly elected Obama seems to have a huge store of goodwill and euphoria over his victory. Bush gone, everyone is happy. Race equality, the era of slavery finally put to rest, eveyone is happy, so they think. (Wicked thought: Maybe Equality = slavery for everybody!)

Maybe the elite stuck Bush with the worst of the crisis.

Anyway, now Bush "Shrub" is gone, Obama has so much goodwill right now that he could take far more emergency actions and powers than Bush ever could, before the angry public took to the streets, couldn't he? That is superb for the elite, don't you think? Obama is a gift for them. During the first Great Depression, Roosevelt (FDR) nicked all the gold, nobody cared, devalued the dollar, nobody cared, took USA into WW2, nobody minded; they loved him, gave him 4 terms!

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