Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Kitco shortage and bear commentaries! 2008-08-19

Tuesday 19th August 2008, 11:00 am: Kitco shortage and bear commentaries!

At the sametime as Kitco announces a shortage of all bullion products on their website, there goes their mouthpiece John Nadler again, talking gold down. This guy has to have an agenda. Is he short gold?

Gold is down a long way BUT it is still 20% up on a year ago. Nowhere does he mention this; he just pounds the bearish case as always.

As the Kitco front page says as of now,
"1yearchg +137.40 +20.94%"

They should get another gold analyst. I am sick of this guy. Why buy any gold when dealers have this kind of guy as an “analyst.” He is acting against the interests of those who buy gold from his company.

He has also totally failed to mention the shortage that has been announced on their site. There have been corrections before but not a shortage like this. However he mentions only the correction - it suits his bear case and not the shortage, which is a far rarer and more newsworthy event.

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